WE can't wait to meet you

We hope you join us! Please use the resources below to help you prepare for a visit to Brushy Fork.

Adult Bible Study Fellowship

Build relationships with others as you go deeper in your relationship with God.

10:15am on Sundays

Sunday school K-12th Grade

Kids and students have a safe place to explore their faith and build relationships of their own.

10:15am on Sundays


Grab refreshments before going into service.

8:45am on Sundays



Our trained team is excited to care for your little ones while you are at Adult Bible Study Fellowship and during our service.

8:45am on Sundays
Grow closer to God and others each Sunday with worship and teaching.

9:00am on Sundays

What to Expect

At Brushy Fork, we are committed to cultural relevance while keeping sound Biblical preaching and teaching our top priority. When visiting with us, you can expect to experience a family-friendly environment where people of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. The following FAQs may help you get a better idea of what to expect during your first Sunday service with us.


Q: I’m attending for the first time. How should I dress?
A: However, you feel comfortable. Some may dress up, but the majority will be wearing jeans or something similar. Pastor Jason almost always wears jeans.
Q: How long can I expect the worship and sermon portion of the service last?
A: The worship team will typically open the service with 2 songs. During this time the altar is open and many in the congregation will come down front to pray. Pastor Jason will then preach a message lasting around 35-40 minutes. There’s always an invitation given at the conclusion and the worship team will sing a song to close out the service.
Q: How long does the Sunday service last?
A: Our typical service will last about 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Q: Would your service be considered traditional, contemporary, or blended?
A: Both the room environment and worship style would be considered contemporary. Instead of pews, we have comfortable oversized pew chairs. The lighting is dim over the congregation and bright on the stage. Our projection “screen” is massive and comparable to a theater screen in size. As far as music is concerned, the worship team does a mix of popular worship songs and originals. Though the worship style would be considered contemporary, you still might hear an occasional hymn from time to time.
Q: What version of the Bible does Pastor Jason preach from?
A: He generally uses the NIV, HCS and NKJV versions.

When you arrive


When you pull into our parking lot, you will see two buildings. The building on the left is our Ministry and Activities Center. This is where you will find our nursery, infant room and most of our Sunday School and Bible Study Fellowship classes.

The far building is our Worship Center. The main doors will open at 8:45am for the worship service. Once inside, feel free to make your way to the back for coffee and refreshments. The service will begin at 9am.
Brushy Fork Baptist Church
4418 HWY 554
Utica, KY 42376